Seeking FIVE New Business Builders! What New Things Do You Want for Your Life?

18813969_141410079739553_5433478335521691343_nEvery single day I am so glad I have Jafra in my life! I joined in order to benefit my ministry to women who have been affected by abuse or infidelity. These are very important issues! There are many reasons people want to create their own business and work from home. Some want to make new vacation plans, add room additions, buy a new car, college funds, or just expand as a person!

If you are a stay at home mom, you can see the value of working from home and spending more time with your kids. Maybe you just want a new wardrobe and this is the way you can get it. Some really want to dig in and see how far they can go into management and beyond! It really depends on YOU and YOUR desires. It does take work and determination but it is so worth it.

Jafra products sell very well, especially once they are experienced. The fragrances are amazing and the spa products are loved by so many. Then there are the Royal Jelly Products that give that glow we all tend to refer to as “the Jafra glow”.

Regardless of the reason the possibilities are endless. Let’s look at the direct selling aspect of the business. There is a huge emphasis these days on buying products from businesses right here in the USA. Small businesses, or even larger small businesses are becoming a trend. You don’t have to be a huge business to be very profitable. Or, you can actually become a Jafra ambassador and become Jafra’s newest business builder to receive your own Mercedes!

There are so many levels this business can go. It depends on you! If you love the products or the idea of sharing them with others you will do very well. We tend to gravitate and attract those who are like us and love the things we do. Your excitement about Jafra will become contagious.

So, why not join my team and lets get started on creating new things together? What would you like to create or have in your life? Think about it. Financial freedom, excelling in business, being satisfied at the end of the day.

Let’s dream together! You never know until you try!

Jenine Mason-Howry

Sign up on my Jafra site here <——






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