Protein is Precious!

103108541025126_preciousproteinextracarebalm_580During the summer months elbows, heels, knees, and hands, can get real rough, dry, and cracked. Sometimes just being in water too much does the same thing. If you have ever experienced real dry hands from dishwater you know what I mean.

Or, how about the sandal season we are now in? I think my feet and heels undergo so much trauma just from being in sandals all day. Jafra has a lot of products to smooth out the rough edges on skin One of them is Precious Protein Balm! It comes in a jar filled with a soothing mixture to tackle those rough edges.

If you want a full skin revitalizing experience, Jafra has a Precious Protein lotion, and body wash as well. Right now the soothing balm is only $12.00 and will last as a little goes a long way with Jafra products!

Giving it a try is getting hooked. You will love this product and so will your elbows and heels!

You can check it out here! Click the link below.

Jenine’s Jafra Website 

Have questions about Jafra? Call me at 832-484-8306

Jenine Mason-Howry



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