Preventing Skin Cancer

13063684242017s3_jafra-sun_productname4_580Skin cancer can happen to anyone at any time. The Skin Cancer Foundation describes it as “the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells.” Skin cancer is more often than not, caused by ultraviolet light which emanates from the sun. Ultra violet light can also come from tanning beds and be a cause of skin cell mutations. Since we don’t live in a cave and most of us are in the sun from day to day we are at risk for skin cancer. Damage of he ozone layer surrounding the earth that protects us from the sun can let in harmful rays that can damage our skin.

Our only plan of attack is prevention which means protection. The use of a cream or lotion that has at least SPF 30 (Sun Protective Factor) can guard exposed skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Even on cloudy or overcast days we are at risk of both sunburn and skin cancer. Be wise, and educate yourself about the different forms of skin cancer and what to look for. Many make up foundations also now include an SPF. If you wear one that does not, it is recommended to use a lotion or cream that has an SPF not just on your face but also any exposed areas of your body.

Jafra has an array of product with SPF in order to protect and keep your skin healthy. I personally find this important because I have had skin cancer on my forehead and the surgery was NOT fun at all! Now I make sure I protect my skin whenever I go out in the sun even if I am not sunbathing

Keep your skin healthy and watch out for any changes that might be suspicious! Some cancers of the skin are benign but there are malignant types as well. Keep healthy, and keep informed!

Jenine Mason-Howry

Jenine’s Jafra Website 

Independent Jafra Consultant



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