What Do You Do On Stormy Days?

14208503182375381246I love staying cozy in my home on stormy days! It makes me want to bake cookies, and soak in some beautiful smelling bath salts while candles flicker in the background. Sometimes I add some soft music or just listen to the storm. Today it was banana cookies and a scented sea salt soak. Our days can be filled with taking care of everyone but ourselves. Sometimes we all deserve a treat! 1028513342017s4_30031_spatreatment_1for_580

I like to treat myself with some nice scented lotion after a bath, then cozy up with a book and hot chocolate! Summer will be coming soon so, today, I am making the best of my storm time by doing the best self care that I can.

Even if it is not storming, you deserve some self care! What will yours be today?  A spa day pretty much works during any season or any weather!

Jenine Mason-Howry


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