Focus On Magnificent!

jeninemarie2I always believed in starting my day off right and that my entire day will eventually go the way I began it! I’ve learned over time that putting my best foot forward will always end in my last foot being successful at the end of the day. The things that have become constant in my life have been what has driven me toward the type of life I have wanted. That is not to say trials have not happened, because they have. The main thing is that our lives are driven by those positive constants that we hold onto.

I begin my day with coffee and maybe a cookie or some toast and then I get to cleaning up what last nights sleep left me with ! I shower and wash my hair. If I really need a wake up I put a facial mask on before I go into the shower. Sometimes I need a cool wake up call before I am totally “there” to start the day.

I proceed with my morning skin care ritual. This has become a constant in my life and I am grateful for it. I know that I am always taking care of myself. I add some meditative things in the morning with God and remember to take care of myself from the inside out! I also love to experiment with different eye make up  and new things I buy from my Jafra business. I like to focus on magnificent because that is how I want my day to play out even if that is not how I felt when I woke up.

Do you want magnificent? Start your day off with the right rituals and you will always have a magnificent beginning to each day. It makes laying down to sleep at night so much more rewarding when you start the day off right and give your all to that day! Whether it is business success you are seeking or just to do some good self care every morning, you can never lose when you begin with a mindset to make the most of every breath you breathe!

Right now, I am having my coffee but in a moment I will be lavished with my facial mask, ready to steam it up in the shower!

How will you start your day?

** ask for free trial samples to be sent to you in the mail! Also, if you refer someone who makes a purchase you receive a free full size surprise product in the mail! #JeninesJafraRewards

Jenine Mason-Howry


Jafra Cosmetics International 

Independent Consultant


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