Want to Be a Business Success? Be a Team Player!

JafraKitI remember quite a few years ago before I began my Master’s Degree program I got involved in a team of stay at home mothers who bonded together in business with a health and wellness company. I had some reservations at first because any business proposition can be a bit scary. Also, I like to complete my commitments and I was not sure I was ready for it all. So, I sat back and watched the “team” for awhile. The energy was absolutely compelling! Of course they were criticized by others because they were making money and were becoming very successful. The company was and still is a great company (actually a fortune 500 company)!

Yet, I had to finally back away and work toward my degree goals. I always remembered the experience though. The energy was so supportive and I could not help but want to get up every day and work toward advancing the business.

Jafra Cosmetics International is structured a bit different ( its a Direct Sales Company) but also a very excellent choice! I love skin care, make up, color, and spa products. I buy them all of the time anyway so changing to using Jafra was easy for me to decide to do! The products also make it very easy.

So this is the deal. I want that group dynamics back! I love working with other people toward mutual success! Encouragement and passing along ideas has great value. Plus, I love having others who wake up with their coffee in hand, and who get ready to seize the day! I don’t know what I would have done without those amazing women in the past who taught me how to be more assertive! I received a whole lot more “yes” answers than I thought I ever would. I learned to press on toward the prize, so to speak, and I truly want that dynamic again with this business! Why? The rewards are fabulous! Just wait until you see the amazing things that can be achieved with Jafra!

Now is the time to become a team player and support one another toward success with a business that pays well and has great perks for doing a good job! Why is now so great? April the Jafra business kit has a $29 start up special! There are other options but if you are just exploring the possibilities it is not that much of an investment while you see if this is for you! Plus, it enables you to purchase product for a discount as long as you remain active. There is no minimum monthly purchase and no pressure! I love that!

A Jafra website is $24 a year and it literally does EVERYTHING. The training is award winning and amazing. More than that, what I am looking for are women who want to interact on a regular basis and create success together! We are on our own but never alone.

Why not explore your options? This could be a great opportunity for you to begin something new in life, earn a vacation, challenge yourself toward achievement, or just have fun with the products! If you want to be a part of a team, please connect with me!

I want to call it “The Miracle Team” , because miracles DO happen when we join together to create them!

Jenine Mason-Howry




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